Things to do before I die

1.     Sky Dive
2.     Bungee jump
3.     Do the Bibbulmun Track
4.     See Snow
5.     Swim with dolphins
6.     Home w/ white picket fence
7.     Write a novel…
8.     …Get it published
9.     Meet Kris Roe  (October 2009)
10. Meet Lou Barlow (March 2010)
11. Fall in love
12. Donate AUS$1 Million to charity
13. Have my own wikipedia page
14. Own 1,000 cds
15. Learn how to play the guitar
16. Own a cow bell
17. Experience 0 gravity
18. Make someone’s wish come true
19. Drive from Perth to the Gold Coast
20. Own my own house
21. Be a tv/movie extra
22. Be a tourist in Perth for a day
23. Have a life changing - spiritual awakening
24. Take a professional band photo
25. Get published in a physical newspaper/magazine
26. Own a telescope to see the stars
27. Pull off a large scale birthday party for one of my friends