Monday, April 4, 2011

BEDA: One of the happiest moments of my life

I was thinking of posting this on my secret blog, but when you have a good thing - share it with the world I say :) 
It happened over the last Summer holidays... I had decided that it was time to take out all of our film photographs and scan them to my computer.
It was a heavy task.
Before the prime time of digital cameras, my mum was physically attached to her film camera. Yep. She was that annoying parent at school assemblies pushing their way to the front of stage to use up half a roll of film to capture the moment her daughter stepped out in a tree costume. (I'm just using the tree thing to paint a picture, I never got to be an actual tree.. I was never cool enough to be a tree) I remember her taking photos of other people's kids because they couldn't make, and posting it to them afterward. My mum is nice like that :)  
I got my 3 younger sisters to help me out on the largest task we have ever faced. Sorting through the thousands upon thousands of photos my mum has taken from my birth - though till the day before my dad and I dropped her camera in the Swan River on a surf catting adventure. Oops
She never let's me forget about it
The one annoying thing about the sorting process was finding all the duplicate photographs. My mum always likes to have more of something just in case (she's Asian, so naturally she's a bit of a hoarder) And I forget that with film cameras you can't view what they are going to turn out like, so there are NUMEROUS similar photos PLUS duplicates of some memories that remain to be hazy and lost in time.
My sisters and I sat around in a circle, with Mt Kodak Happy Snap in front of us (My mum became really slack with the photo albums because our lives just exploded with moments lol) We figured out a pretty solid way of putting them into some sort of time sequence:
Smaller Pile 1. Before Birth of Steff
Smaller Pile 2. Five joyful years of being the only child
Smaller Pile 3. Birth of Sister
Smaller Pile 4. Power Struggle years
Smaller Pile 5. Birth of the Twins
Smaller Pile 7. The Golden Years
Smaller Pile 6. Naked baby photos we should hide from our friends
There we were looking at all of our lost memories. Friends we had forgotten about, clothes we wanted to forget about....and the days when Dad had a significant amount of hair. I will remember this as one of the happiest moments of my life, and I'm going to share it with you:
We were bragging to each other about how cute we used to be and we laughed hysterically at the funny faces we were pulling. I found one of the twins that was absolute gold! We passed it around, laughing uncontrollably, the kind of laugh where you clutch at your sides because it hurts too much. And then like a flick of a switch I start crying. Absolutely balling my eyes out, unable to breathe properly. I had no explanation for it. Then my sisters started crying too, and we stuck a box of Kleenex on Mt Kodak and cried as hysterically as we had laughed.
When we were done, we took a break from sorting, got a cool drink and ate some baked goods. We sat and talked about the things we remember. It was nice.
It was more than nice.
It was a moment to hold on to
Here is a picture of my sisters with my Aunty Margret from the last time we had a family holiday: 


Until tomorrow Breakfast Club :)

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