Saturday, April 2, 2011

BEDA: Just couple of random non-related things

As I was walking around the city today I saw a group of young girls, they couldn't have been more then 13years old. They were standing outside JayJays (as tweens do) talking about which shops they were going to next. Four of them were dressed as typical tom boys, with the 3 quarter denim shorts and colourful t-shirts and sporting pairs of Dunlop Volleys.

But the 5th girl really stood out to me...
Not because she was a foot taller than all of them
Or the fact that she resembled a bean pole
But she was wearing... crew socks and clogs


Enough to do a double take
This is basically what I saw: 

dunlop-volley-is-the-hippest-shoe-for-teenagers_14Kate Sylvester.Checked Collar+PennyLoaferClogs+SockGarters

Just so we are clear, I'm not saying that the other girls looked like complete dykes (or a teenage boy who just put up a new FHM poster)

I admire that bean pole girl has a sense of fashion and style that's completely different from her peers. I'm so sick of looking at groups of girls walking around looking and dressing the same. I think you know exactly what I'm talking about. Yeah, those girls with the tiny denim shorts with sheer back tops, draped in gothic jewelery from Diva with fake Ray Bans from Bali. Oh and that long hair dyed black that can't get enough VOLUME. I mean, seriously, the world already has Amy Winehouse....

Today was a really nice post-Summer afternoon. Perth's Cultural Centre was buzzing with people for the National Youth Week market stalls. There were so many pretty hand made things and vintage clothes along with displays of art work by young talent. I went with my cousin, she thought that the spaceship was a coffee machine *face palm*

Photo dump:




On another note... 
Have you ever been to a public bathroom where the hand towels or the hand dryer is at least 3 steps away from any sink? What's the point in putting them so far away from the sink? All you end up doing is looking like an idiot flicking your hands back into the sink to dry them of before making that 3 step hurdle towards drying your hands effectively.
Why do the flick? 
Because we don't want to drip any water on the floor.
Because water makes the titles slippery
Oh really?
...No shit

So yeah I kinda slipped in the bathroom today. I could make up some embarrassing story about how I fell and exposed my granny knickers to a group of females I dislike for your amusement...but that's completely bogus. And I don't have granny undies anyway *shifty eyes*

Who knows what tomorrow will bring :)
x Stephanie

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