Monday, January 10, 2011

January is my favourite month: Part I

There is no doubt in my mind that January is the greatest month of the year. Anyone who encounters me will know that I tend to make the same distasteful joke about changing race if I step into the sunlight...but thanks to my 200g Banana Boat sunscreen (bought new - but now empty!), the cancerous UV rays at Southbound have failed to oven bake my skin. I barely have a sock tan people! Now that, is an achievement.

January is a month of hope. A lot of people tend to make resolutions that we don't end up achieveing (i.e: lose weight, get fit, start a book club, get a promotion, bandage relationships) but it's still nice to have the mentality, even for a couple of weeks, that this is within our reach.

If we treated everyday like new years day, would we be a more productive society?

I also love January because I'm on uni holidays.
This is my last year, so this means it's my very last student January :O
Next year I expect to be enslaved to the process of exchanging precious time for cold dead money to pay the rent and purchase lavish 2 minute noodle meals. Haha, hopefully I'll be doing something awesome so I won't be wasting my time at my current place of employment.

Oh yes, I mentioned Southbound. This was my third time going down to Busso for the music festival, nothing short of amazing. My body was so wrecked though. It was a pretty daft idea to place the festival dates on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd....It was also a pretty daft idea of me to go out on new years eve and expect to get up at 6am for a 3 hour drive down. Kids, nodos are a bad bad idea. Here is a photo dump:







Big Scary


Tame Impala


Marina and The Diamonds

Day 1 outfit
 Day 3 outfit
Having a snooze while the music is still blasting 

Day 2 outfit

Man, I love Southbound. Southbound makes January awesome. Music, friends and very very little sleep.

until next photo/word dump
x Stephanie

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