Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hoarding Memories

My room is in a complete state of chaos. Every few months I take some time reduce the load of highschool memories hiding under my bed, today has been successful... I've halved the amount of stuff from this plastic Red Dot box.

I just can't let go of all this physical crap. I've become my mother! I know this stuff is irrelevant to the future, taking up too much space and I hardly ever look at them and get all nostalgic anyways... so what's keeping them underneath my bed? It's okay, I don't need an intervention or some sort of support group. I easily solved the dilemma by taking a million photos in which I will store on my hard drive.

I'm a genius

So I've torn up all my report cards, all of my pretty assignments and threw away my "punk" decorated folders. None of these matter anymore. 


P1220243 P1220244

P1220246 P1220252

P1220315 P1220284

P1220314 P1220271

Man, I'm so embarrassed nostalgic right now

Peace and Love
x Stephanie

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