Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hoarding Memories

My room is in a complete state of chaos. Every few months I take some time reduce the load of highschool memories hiding under my bed, today has been successful... I've halved the amount of stuff from this plastic Red Dot box.

I just can't let go of all this physical crap. I've become my mother! I know this stuff is irrelevant to the future, taking up too much space and I hardly ever look at them and get all nostalgic anyways... so what's keeping them underneath my bed? It's okay, I don't need an intervention or some sort of support group. I easily solved the dilemma by taking a million photos in which I will store on my hard drive.

I'm a genius

So I've torn up all my report cards, all of my pretty assignments and threw away my "punk" decorated folders. None of these matter anymore. 


P1220243 P1220244

P1220246 P1220252

P1220315 P1220284

P1220314 P1220271

Man, I'm so embarrassed nostalgic right now

Peace and Love
x Stephanie

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mass Procrastination: part 3854

I'm getting my hair cut on Wednesday... finally yes I know. Someone at work said today she could see my split ends. whatabitch! haha,  I'm really looking forward to it :)

For a mere $85 I get an amazing head massage - I really should try not to like it so much, and I feel like I should be paying more haha for some awesome Moroccan oil stuff that makes my hair so silky and smooth and of course ye ol' cut and straighten.

Right now I have a really bad case of writers block. It sucks because I have this thing called a deadline... (tonight) and the word count at the moment are just my notes. But yeah, how hard is it to write up 500 words about Thurday's gig? Answer: Very. One thing I will definitely omit from the review is that the drummer mistook my friend and I for groupies. You gotta admire this guy's confidence, I mean c'mon, you're over weight, you have disgusting hair... and you're 45 years old and not in a good Jude Law or Hugh Jackman way. Oh, and you're a drummer. Yuck. (Just kidding folks, drummers are the back bone of a good band!)

You think you can get this? uh.. I think not!

Plus, I'm pretty sure we were the only two people in the room obviously not having any fun at the gig, and by no fun I mean... we were literally standing there with our hands ready to push the drunken buffoons off our sweat free bodies. And on another note... really tall people should have the courtesy to either stand at the back or at the front and to the side of the stage so that non yeti like people may have a glimpse of the night's act. FFS

Yesterday I started unearthing some really old photographs and scanning them to my computer. My other computer though, it's going to be such a long process but totally worth it when I show you cute photos of me as a kid :)

hmm.. what else shall I share? I'm starting to feel so drowsy, I haven't indulged in my nanna nap today. Lately I've been nanna napping so frequently! It's like a drug, seriously. Or maybe I did have a nap today and I just don't remember? What am I saying... it's Saturday night and I'm sitting at my computer listening to The Ataris.

I really feel like going out and having a glass of red and a gigantic cheese platter. I've been thinking about cheese for a while now. I get these random food cravings (it's totes like I'm preggers) and I'll think about it for ages but not do anything about it because I'm worried it will be bitterly disappointing.

For example: I was thinking of krispy kremes for a couple of months; traditional glazed ....mmmmm. So my dad goes to Melbourne for a day and he comes back with...wait for it...EVERYTHING BUT the traditional glazed dohnutty goodness. I pick up the chocolate coated one, flick off all the chocolate and try and savour the glazed goodness underneath.

Needless to say it was very disappointing. On the up side, I haven't thought about dohnuts since. 

Does anyone know of any place that does good cheese platters in Perth? I heard the Greenhouse on St George Terrace is pretty good.

I have work tomorrow so I should probably get to sleep...
Apologies to those who have read through this whole post. This has been pretty random and pointless...While you are awesome, you also must be lacking in the friends department. Go outside and red a book or something people! New media technologies are so overrated.

peas and love
x Steff

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Have you seen this person?

If you see this face: hide yo kids, hide yo wife....
 It's not that bad yeah? Mum said I should try smiling with my eyes...great advice for a non photogenic person, I know. 

Did you know that Australia Post is charging $14.95 for passport photos? The nice guy I went to let me glance at the display screen for half a second, obviously anyone looks good if you only give them half a second of eye contact! 

haha... I don't know if it's such a good idea to have these photos up on the internet, if in the next year or so I die in a car crash or commit a serious criminal offense - this is the photo they will show on the 6pm news. Touch wood.

Monday, January 10, 2011

January is my favourite month: Part I

There is no doubt in my mind that January is the greatest month of the year. Anyone who encounters me will know that I tend to make the same distasteful joke about changing race if I step into the sunlight...but thanks to my 200g Banana Boat sunscreen (bought new - but now empty!), the cancerous UV rays at Southbound have failed to oven bake my skin. I barely have a sock tan people! Now that, is an achievement.

January is a month of hope. A lot of people tend to make resolutions that we don't end up achieveing (i.e: lose weight, get fit, start a book club, get a promotion, bandage relationships) but it's still nice to have the mentality, even for a couple of weeks, that this is within our reach.

If we treated everyday like new years day, would we be a more productive society?

I also love January because I'm on uni holidays.
This is my last year, so this means it's my very last student January :O
Next year I expect to be enslaved to the process of exchanging precious time for cold dead money to pay the rent and purchase lavish 2 minute noodle meals. Haha, hopefully I'll be doing something awesome so I won't be wasting my time at my current place of employment.

Oh yes, I mentioned Southbound. This was my third time going down to Busso for the music festival, nothing short of amazing. My body was so wrecked though. It was a pretty daft idea to place the festival dates on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd....It was also a pretty daft idea of me to go out on new years eve and expect to get up at 6am for a 3 hour drive down. Kids, nodos are a bad bad idea. Here is a photo dump:







Big Scary


Tame Impala


Marina and The Diamonds

Day 1 outfit
 Day 3 outfit
Having a snooze while the music is still blasting 

Day 2 outfit

Man, I love Southbound. Southbound makes January awesome. Music, friends and very very little sleep.

until next photo/word dump
x Stephanie