Saturday, December 11, 2010

If there's one thing you need to know about me...

I look terrible in most photos. I fall into a category of people who experience "facial fail" 87% of the time a camera is up to 6 feet away. But this wont stop me for posting these pictures on this blog... no siree! The following photo dump is aimed to make you jealous that I have so many beautiful friends and a carefree lifestyle which revolves around eating gorgeous food around Perth:

4/12/10 This is the outfit that I managed to put together if you read my last post for the 1920s party
Furr is so sexy

Aaaannd cue "facial fail" example:

Boom! bet you didn't see that one coming

6/12/10 - Carlton Dry Industry Nights presents Thank God It's Monday:
feat Cloud Control @ Universal Bar

What an amazing night! A free gig (awesome band!) and a free beer upon entry. Don't drink a Fusion Black unless it's chilled. It goes down so easily doesn't have that nasty after taste. Perfect beer for girls right? haha!
# Note to readers # If you see a guy drinking one of these, you can be certain he doesn't have a girlfriend!

9/12/10 Where would I be without my peppermint tea?
Toast in East Perth serves loose leaves! I love it, such an organic feeling.
Whenever I order peppermint tea and a pot of boiled water with a Twinings bag is plonked on my table, my heart sinks a little knowing it's the same peppermint tea I already have at home. Maybe it's just a little bit of Asian stinginess within me, but for $3.50 I'd like to have an experience I can't get from my 10c per sachet

Actually, I'd probably enjoy peppermint tea any way you serve it to me. So hike up your tea prices local cafes! Because I'm gonna drink you dry...

I ordered some vegetarian lunch. It's pumpkin, hummus, spinach and cream cheese on turkish bread. Yum yum :) I could actually just eat the hummus and spinach on its own, so so good

Here is my friend Viv :)
We have been friends for 16 years

Did you know... I wear glasses?

Just on a side note, I've had that leather strap around my wrist since Southbound (January 2010) Is this cool or kinda gross?

9/10/12 (Evening) Had dinner, desert and a drink with the beautiful Matt after work :)

Unfortunately I have no photos of the AMAZING and generous portion of roast duck w/noodle soup I had from Saigon in Northbridge. Pretty sure I will order the exact same thing next time in the near future, so delicious and so cheap. You can always tell when Asian food is good when there are fellow Asians slurping their soups and clacking away with chopsticks.

Speaking of, how funny is it when waiters just assume that can/cannot use chopsticks! Fortunately for me I am an Asian who knows how to use them, so that avoids any embarrassment on my behalf *Phew* Thank you, parentals!

This is Matt:
He complained once that I feature everyone on this blog except him..
What a baby
(Hi! If you are reading this :) )

We went to The Moon Cafe and had a fruity shaker and a hot mudcake with icecream..
There are no photos of the mud cake because as soon as we locked eyes with it, it was the end of the road the for the deliciously MOIST chocolate haven.

11/12/10 Went to San Churros in Subiaco
Extra caramel for the churros = epic win!

Miin digging into her Jus Burger bag :)

Mia scoffing down her strawberry chocolate sundae

Stuffing ourselves with the most amazing burger rings from Jus Burgers

And BOOM! Cue the Face Fail

Stephanie <3

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kerplouski said...

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excellent photos!
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