Thursday, December 2, 2010

The 1920's

Urgh! I'm so disorganised! This Saturday I have to get together a swingin' 1920's outfit together for a 21st. So, I'm google imaging outfits and accessories that I may have some sort of hope in acquiring for the occasion. I really like the fashion, I wish I could find more of these items in the op shops around Perth but chances are slim for genuine items - considering the 20's was like 90 years ago! (my goodness, where has all that time gone?) *cough* crappy American sitcoms *cough*

Here are some of my key finds: (within the first 4 page searches; because yes, I am lazy)

mmm... bird inspired

Pretty sure these head pieces are sold everywhere nowadays! I have a feathered hair clip somewhere...

But what if I want to wear a hat? Hats are pretty. I have a very similar one to this that I could add a crazy bow/ribbon to...
On another note: I will definitely be wearing short pearls instead of the long loose ones. I have decided that:
Short Pearls = classy
Long Pearls= Tarty

Yes yes yes, loving the hat and red lippy too :)
(yeah I can tell it's red in a b&w picture, because I'm from Hufflepuff)

Some like it modern

Some like it in Sepia...
This isn't very 1920's hey...she looks more like a hippie. In a good way, just saying!

Biiiiig feather boa!
There is no way I can get my hair to be that curly...

I love this photo
1. Beautiful composition
2. Clothes for the oppressed woman - yes. I am so there!
3. I have shoes like that, so that's sorted

That man in the background looks so seedy. I can imagine him just about to yell out:
"Bitch, get in the car! And bring my lunch!"
No? Well, some variation of that appropriate to the period.

I really like this pic. So cheeky ;-)

I think that's all from me now. I really want to post some nice pictures from my birthday but I'm waiting on mass parcels to arrive from Topshop and Ebay. hahaha. So for now all I have is a pretty photo of me to suffice you another week: (Yes I am aware I write like I have a large audience when my "minions" list is actually quite small, consisting mainly of my friends in real life!)

Sunset on the Mandurah foreshore



Anonymous said...

I loved your 1920's pics and am using some for inspiration for an upcoming party-thank you!

Mei said...

I was searching for hair pieces for 1920's and came across your blog. Love it! =)