Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Despressing Humor

Andre Jordan has issues that translate beautifully in his art. Here are some of my favourite words and doodles:

x Stephanie
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Monday, November 15, 2010


Hello! Today I made a new lippy purchase :)

It's Rimmel 166 - Temptation. My mum say's it makes me look like I'm 40 years old; this suits me fine because sometimes I believe I'm a 40 year old conservative trapped inside this 19 year old body...

11 more days till exams are over and I can welcome the summer holidays woot :)

I shall leave you with a video of my youtube crush, Charlieissocoollike <3

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I drool over things I can't have

Topshop seriously pains me when I see darlings like this flash across my screen:

$240(GBP) is a bit out price range for this casually employed, Uni student. *sad face*

I'll admit, I'm majorly procrastinating looking at all these online retail sites. Here is a quickie rundown of what I'm avoiding in November:
5th: Passenger @ Norfolk (Avoiding researching for the review I am going to write)
10th: PR Conference for Uni (Avoiding... public speaking, enough said)
12th: Central Park battle of the bands (Avoiding researching haha)
26th: Consumer Behaviour Exam (50% weighting, enough said?)
28th: My Birthday (avoiding organising an event that will satisfy my different social groups - haha that actually sounded like I have lots of friends?)

I think I have let you into my life way too much today
This may or may not be deleted at a later date

I'm going to make some chilled turkish apple and cinnamon tea
Photos up later

x Steff