Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Winter Term, Clothes and The Inbetweeners

Hi All!
I'd thought I'd be more specific with my posts (just this once) and state exactly what I'm going to write about in the title instead of going on some tangent about how Michelle Phan said that seaweed is actually good for your face.
So Steff, does that mean that you write the title of your posts before you write them? What if you end up writing something completely different?

To which I reply: "Pretty slim chance there internal dialogue that acts as a third party."

Winter Term *cue music* dun dun daaaaa! Yeah so this basically means I'm @ Murdoch 3 times a week trying to grasp the concept of Commercial Law (again) so there is no reason as to why I can't achieve at least a credit for this unit. And when I do... I will reward myself by getting purchasing season 1 and 2 of The Inbetweeners. So I can waste semester 2 by watching four English boys (well, guys that are in their late 20's posing as 16 year olds) in painfully awkward situations in their endless and rude pursuit of hot girls ranging from mothers to childhood crushes to a grandma they come across on their school excursion.
I think it's hilarious. Plus, one liners in British accents just sound so much funnier yeah?

My mum found me these pictures yesterday. I love vintage! These are from a DIY magazine. I've never actually attempted to sew something from scratch, I can just tell I'd be terrible with my shaky hands... which I tend to use in substitute for measuring tape.

I'm really loving the minimal/greenpeace look. Khaki colours, tan accessories, calico bags, clean champagne shirts. Makes me think about the summer.... I'm stilling here in my 07 leavers jumper, leggings and booties wishing that I could pull the sun closer. I'm just going through the summer stocklist of some of my favourite brands. My eyes pretty much want more than my bank account will allow haha...



Inspiration comes from the most random places. This is Melbourne based band British India. As I was doing some background research for a review I was writing for one of their gigs in Perth (link here). I found this photo, watched a video clip and just fell in love with the simplicity and effortlessness of a khaki parka, black skinny jeans and converse allstars. Making grunge a little bit girly, and no so much like a dirty crack whore...

The below parka is from Sportsgirl. It has a really nice cotton lining so it will be warm during the winter. My current clothing lust at the moment!

Until next time chaps!
Keep warm, show love and be awesome :)