Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's the 1st of May and I'm going to blog every freakin' day!

Blog Every Day of May (BEDOM; pronounced "bee-dom") is going to be my platform to write some self indulgent pieces while I pretend a small following of people will be reading my words and worship me like a god!

For you geeks out there, this is total rip off from BEDA but April wasn’t a good month for me. I’m not going to backspace that – April was an excellent month for me, I was on holidays! But unfortunately I didn’t have the internet for 2 weeks (well I had dialup, but that is so 1996) and therefore could not post without getting extremely pissed off. Cha.

So this is my first post. Greetings and Salutation! :)

I'm just about to head out to Western Australia's Athletics Stadium for Relay for Life. Basic run down, it's a fundraiser for cancer. You sign up in teams and take it in turns to walk/run/skip a baton around in a huge circle for 24 hours - this is to symbolise that cancer never stops.

I've done this once, like way back in my girl guide days. It's a lot of family fun really. I wonder what bands are going to be playing, if any.

Lots of happy snaps are coming your way!

Peace and Love, yo


septemberdaisy said...

goood luckkkkkkkk :DDD

♥ kabs said...

haha nice. i like bedom!