Thursday, May 27, 2010

BEDOM - Studying Torts and Contract Law for my exam

The title says it all. I've had a pot of peppermint tea, watched Glee...and now I'm going to study


Tomorrow I'm going to Freo early in the morning to get my ticket for On The Bright Side. The line up is fucking ace! Check it:

The Strokes
Mumford and Sons
Angus and Julia Stone
Band of Horses
Hot Chip
Ting Tings
Middle East

I am most excited to see Angus and Julia Stone, sure have some crappy songs (on the new album) but I really love their vibe. Ever since I saw them on SBS doing a live show a few years ago I just fell in love with them. Harmonicas, tambourines and male + female harmonies just get me.

Band of Horses will be spectacular. Pretty much just sold me when I saw then on the line up.

I've been waiting to see Middle East again for some time now. They have been to Perth a couple of times now but the first and last time I saw them was at the Doves gig. They are such amazing musicians and just so incredible live.

On The Bright Side is just going to be a huge folk festival. So awesome! One thing that ticks me off is that its not an 18+ event. This means there is going to be all these little teeny boppers prancing around in op shop bags treating this day like an indie fashion show ie the people who are going to see Mumford and Sons and the bloody Ting Tings. Is it just me or does the TT's and Bluejuice look odd on that list?

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