Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BEDOM - A rhyming poem of sorts

Let's pretend for a second we're not scared
and let's pretend we came prepared
Just stand in silence, breathe not
Our bones rattle in the parking lot
There's not a star in sight
We're looking up at satellites

You lit up a smoke and crack open a beer
I downed one too, to dampen the fear
The car collects midnight dew
Moments like these we have so few
We could leave this town and not return
Things to see and things to learn

Live like convicts in a new land
Sleep on the beach in the soft sand
Put a fake pistol to a store owners head
Blow the money on books and bread
These unchained bikes are for the taking
All the minor laws we could be breaking
Retire in a house we'd make out of wood
Out in mountains where the rain smells good

But we are scared of leaving this all behind
Wanting to know how our road unwinds
Or maybe we'll pave something different;
Something grand, something significant
We can have it all
We can have it all right here
We can see more than satellites
Just let go of the fear

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