Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BEDOM - Procrasta-eating


I just Googled the word and not a lot of sites came up - woot. I'm pretty sure I didn't invent the word though. Procrasta-eating is procrastination in the form of eating. I coined the term while I was doing a major test today in class haha. I'm a huge procrasta-eater and since I started my diet of avoiding things with a fancy packaging, procrasta-eating.. actually just eating has become a lot tougher. I hadn't realised how much stuff is out there in pretty little packages just waiting to jump off the shelves and into your little shopping cart. So here I am having some chicken and noodle soup. :) I think I may get some crackers later and eat some cranberries. How exciting hahaha. I actually do not have the craving goodies in plastic wrapping anymore. How strange, I'm pretty sure just by looking at me one would assume that it would be on my top favourite foods list. Obviously just kidding, my self esteem isn't that low!

* I just had to get up to answer the phone - it was a telemarketer. Damn you people from dragging me away from my yummy chicken and noodle soup *shakes fist*
No one is home at the moment so I'm going to turn up Wolf and Cub really loud, eat some cranberries and crackers ... and pretend I don't have another major test tomorrow.

Catcha tomorrow on the flip side


Jessiqwa said...

OMG! Its so true. I ate so much food today, more than I have eaten all week. Literally. How bad is that? And right now I'm trying to get my brother to come watch a movie with me and study so I don't feel alone. Then I'm going to make an ice-cream.

Gah! why Steff Why!?!

The other blogger said...

Hey there, ok we don't actually know each other, but I found your blog site link on the Murdoch website and I read your post on procrasta-eating and I feeeel THE SAME!!! Omg! haha.

Now I'm itching to tell the tale of procrasta-eating too. So I have decided to post the link to your post on my wall. I hope that's ok! If you have serious issues with it, then I shall remove it again. :D

The other blogger! :P