Friday, May 7, 2010

BEDOM - Perth Train Fiasco

I take the Mandurah line, and today it stopped just before we got into the Esplanade. FOR 35 MINUTES! It felt so claustrophobic, knowing that I am breathing in re-circulated air among a hundred strangers - including someone who seemed to have a very nasty cough. Grrraaarr! Primal instinct to pry open the carriage doors with my bare hands....or pass out. Time passes so slowly after you've deleted all unnecessary texts from your phone.

It also doesn't help that I have a cave man phone from like, 2005, so I can't go on the internet without it charging me a packet. I did however, managed to tweet:

I am also well aware that I spelled 'claustrophobic' wrong in my tweet. I'm never gonna get a real writing gig. haha. A few months ago I vowed never to tweet again. I even wrote a blog about it, explaining why. But now I'm back I guess - I deem my life tweet worthy as of today.

Oh! and I also went to Fremantle today to get Children Collide tickets. Mills Records, you are gold.

I'm actually so tired right now. It's just past 9pm and I think I'll hit the sack. Tomorrow I have work - and then I'm going to see Bluejuice @ Capitol. I'm reviewing it for Booyah.

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