Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BEDOM - Lost?

So apparently Lost is having their final final episode like, ever.
Everyone is talking about it, it's actually nuts. On tv their showing all these director promo things explaining the plot and characters in lead up to the final episode that screens tonight at 8:30pm in Australia... (obviously everyone else in the world has already watched it)

I pretty much spoiled it for myself when I watched Nerimon's video, he explains Lost in under 3 minutes.

Then I find out my buddy Jessiqua posted something about Lost yesterday.

So yeah.... I might just watch the episode tonight other wise I'd be the uncool kid in the play ground. Even though it will probably do my head in trying to follow the story line leading up to this moment.


Jessiqwa said...

Steff.. what a let down. (lost, not you :P)

Did you get round to watching it?

I was so confused - did they live or die? Thanks to my University studies on semiotics I would say they died. But still... confusing none the less.

Stephanie Vei-Li said...

Bahaha. no I didn't watch it. Just couldn't be bothered getting lost in Lost