Saturday, May 8, 2010

BEDOM - Lose the radio, find your own music

Good morning! It's 7:40 am and I'm sitting in my bed, listening to triple j and doing some Bluejuice research. Here is my top 5 list of the websites I go to first when trying to get into/research a band:

1. Myspace - I don't use myspace anymore to talk to my friends - Facebook has definitely monopolized the online networking world. I use Myspace as a tool to research bands. Most often (if the artist isn't a gigantic corporate money making machine) bands will run their own Myspace - this means first hand information; press releases, statements, upcoming dates and tours. Full tracks to listen to - none of this 30 second preview crap on iTunes.

2. - I absolutely love this site! If you sign up they have this application that 'scrobbles' the music that you listen to and it links you to neighbours from all around the world that have similar taste to you. It's the be all and end all when comparing your music taste to your friends, seriously. It suggests bands for you to listen to - I have been known to spend hours on this site talking to people about bands, researching new ones and then logging onto myspace to search them. You can also search shows that you will be attending, post a comment on the event, write a review and even see other attendees.

3. - Australian music lovers, this is your bible. The ultimate guide to get that one step closer to your favourite band. I'm still trying to figure out how they get all the first hand rumors/information about band cock ups and record scandals and tidbits like that. Jam packed with reviews, interviews and first class photos and breaking band news - You wont know where to look first. I signed up as a contribute in August last year, I haven't really been contributing much until now but it's really improved my confidence in my writing. I'll be posting links when they are up on the website.

4. Wikipedia - Everyone's best friend when you want immediate and overall information. I use this to see the bands history, chart hits, order of album releases and get a bit of a feel for how they began and where they are now. It's a bit lazy, and second hand but it's probably the best place to start....and probably the first site that comes up when you type a band name into Google. Use it.

5. Song Meanings - If you are really getting obsessed look up the song meanings. Look up your band -> look up the song and take a look at how bad your hearing is, chances are you have been singing the wrong lyrics (like I so often do). The comments are generated by users so you get all sorts of interpretations of the music, maybe someone has read an interview with the artists that reveals the intended meaning. Of course if you have a Yahoo ID you can post your own interpretations. I have a private alias for that because I'm actually a song interpretation freak. Thank you year 12 English!

Why am I up so early doing this? Here is my weekend plan if you're interested, it's gonna be one of those weekends that just don't end.

Saturday 12-3:30 work
Saturday 8pm-2am (approx.) Bluejuice @ Capitol/Amps/Republic
Sunday 11am Lunch with Sheresa
Sunday 12-5 work
Sunday 6:30 - 10 (approx.) Jess's birthday dinner

Oh....did I mention the review is due Sunday evening? Yeah. One of those weekends where sleep is not an option. I shall leave you at that.

No-doz and Energy drinks

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