Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BEDOM - How Soon Is Now?

Okay, so I'm sitting here listing to The Smiths pretending to be the good indie kid I am at heart... and I remember something that happened in year 11. Cast your minds back to 2006 (really, that long ago now?) I had the lyrics written down for How Soon Is Now written on my school file. A girl asked me:
"Oh, so you like Charmed?"
"huh?" was my only response.
So later that night I found out on Charmed they have a 'modern' version of HSIN for the theme song. Seriously. Does anyone remember that show?

Anyways, it was at that point I realised how
out of touch with pop culture I really am. But liking The Smiths is cool now? So I really don't know who I am anymore ah hur hur hur!

I don't think rock bands could ever go out of fashion. Leather jackets and guitars just don't fade however cliche it may be. But if you look up at the Charmed calendar from 2008... sequined boob tube... really? And tops that look like sleep wear?
Silver hoop earrings? And why are all their hair dos exactly the same? Charming? I think not. I'd rather watch Buffy the Edward Cullen slayer.

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luvieur said...

2008?! SERIOUS? no one wore that 2 years ago!? 'cept the Charmed sisters.
trace back to their hey-day and it get worse.