Friday, May 21, 2010

BEDOM - Get a belt or better under wear you fucking chav!

Yuck, I hate this teenage boy fashion statement where they wear their pants really low so it only just covers their crotch. There was this 16 maybeish boy on the bus today

1. You've never owned a belt before?
2. Did you get your undies from best an less?
3. Shouldn't you be in school?

Alright, I understand it's hip and all the other chavs are doing it, but seriously... this means you need to get nicer underwear. Not some piece of cloth your mummy got from Target or Best and Less. Teenagers piss me off - I was never one. I've always been 40 years old in the brain.

Out homies

Too Saucy?

1 comment:

luvieur said...

hahaha... i've seen worse.. and it's always in the city you find this dickwads!? lol