Thursday, May 13, 2010

BEDOM - Food that speaks to my soul

I cast my mind back to when I read Living Consciously by Gay Hendricks - he wrote about the beginning of the journey towards a more fulfilling life.

But what is a full fulling life and how do we achieve it? Why is happiness so important and how can we feel content with our surroundings and with ourselves? There are so many questions people have about life and living I seriously recommend this book if you seek enlightenment. Here are a few things I can tell you from reading and meditating on this book. It has guided me to a place I never thought I would even see and I try and work my everyday to achieve my goals of living a conscious life.

Happiness doesn't last for a moment, for a day, for a week... it's more long term than that. Happiness is a state of mind, not a mood - I think that's where a lot of people get confused and frustrated when the feeling of elation or glee comes and goes so quickly. Happiness is achievable. Why is it important to be happy? Great positive energy is manifested from happiness; it makes us more productive, more pleasant to be around and helps pursuing our dreams a reality not just a fantasy. We are all capable of happiness, it's programed into us from the moment we left the womb. It takes a huge effort to unlock the happiness from within us, but once you've done it, you and everyone around you will reap the benefits.

To be happy, we need to have overall satisfaction and contentment in most areas of our lives. These areas are:
1. Physical
2. Mental
3. Social (friends)
4. Achieving dreams and aspirations
5. Spiritual

This is an adapted list (I've lent the book to a friend so I don't have it in front of me right now to check). These areas are all INTERDEPENDENT, satisfaction in all of these areas are equally important. It's easier and more productive to work from 1 through to 5.
When you want your life to take a more positive and course, you need to assess yourself first.
What kinds of food are you eating? Do they speak to your soul? Do they express your thoughts? They way you think about your body is generally the way you think, perceive and process the world. Your body is a temple (so cliche), it will be the only thing you have that will last you a lifetime. Your body is the key to finding out what your soul really wants - what your true desires in life are. Raw, unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, eggs, milk etc. Anything that comes in a fancy packet that says it's good for you is off the menu. Eating the right foods will not only make you physically healthier, but mentally more sound. It balances your mood, kicks you back into caveman days where you have to rely on the strength of your body to charge through the day and overcome sickness. Watch your tolerance build and feel your immune system work effortlessly when the flu season hits.

Part b. for physical achievement is exercise. I'm definitely not an expert on this area but I'm a big fan of walking. Walk everywhere you can. Walk to the grocery store - get huge bags of nuts, fruit, veg and carry it back home in a backpack. If you didn't get it all done in the first hit, go again. Wake up earlier, make time for it. 30 minutes more of sleep it not beneficial to anyone, contrary to popular belief, that 30 minutes will not make a difference to how tired you become during the day. Go to the gym, use exercise as a social activity - you know what to do.

I'm doing this for me, for my own spiritual journey. But you are more than welcome to join me. This first step has always been hard for me - I have a major sweet tooth and sometimes I just can't stop myself from binge eating. I am now making a stand - I am going to do this. This is not just for my health, this is for my very being and I think it's now time to treat my soul with more respect.

For breakfast I have eaten a banana, a raw carrot and a soft boiled egg.
I've got a range of nuts, macadamias, almonds, walnuts, cashews... I should get some dried cranberries for the sweet tooth. Maybe I'll bake some health muffins and post up some lovely pictures...

Until next time my small handful of readers
peace and love

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