Friday, May 14, 2010

BEDOM - Eeek, almost forgot about this

The weekends really put me out of wack with writing these things. Uhh... Quick update before I go to bed and pretend I'm a rock..

Just came back from seeing Spoon with Ana :) It was freakin' amazing! The energy was so great. At the end there were these guys that jumped up on the stage, claiming to be their biggest fans - and so they played another song for them! So cool, so gracious.

Yeah, I'm not really a Spoon fan, I went more so that Ana could have a gig buddy 'cause I'm awesome like that. I'm really glad that I went :)
My ears are ringing... actually they have been ringing since last night when I went to see British India @ Amplifier... I still need to work on the review for that so I'll post a link later...
Gah I'm just s tired. I feel old. I have work tomorrow, damn my creaking bones.

Yeah that's enough
oh oh oh! I totally saw the lead singer from Harlequin League tonight @ the Spoon gig. But I said nothing even though he was standing, like, right next to me. I'm such a dork

Oh well. Later days

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