Tuesday, May 4, 2010

BEDOM - Asking for Favours

Asking for favours makes me feel uncomfortable.
This is incredibly hypocritical of me because whenever I hear anyone say:
"Hey dude, I feel really bad for asking you this but ..."
I tend so say "Ahhh young grass hopper, ask and you shall receive!" And help them out however I can.
But it's true, you'll never get what you want if you don't ask for it. It still makes me feel bad. In a way I feel like I'm using the person for my own gain - as if personal gain is wrong and non beneficial to anyone else.

Haha, that's such a communist point of view. I should move to China and revel in websites approved by the government *roll of the eyes* What kind of a nation rejects Google as the greatest source of information? If you ask me China should bow down and worship the html coding and use the audio preview to sing lullabies to their children.

Personally, I have no problem whatsoever with my friends asking to borrow my stuff or asking me to do something for them. I think that if you are friends with someone, these are like base expectations. I just don't like doing it because it makes me feel selfish or a user or something.

Anyways, why did I bring this up? Well... funny story, as in weird not haha funny, I'm pretty sure FL doesn't like my style of writing (or maybe I'm just being self conscious) which has resulted in lack of heads up about the local gigs coming up. Therefore I'm a little bit of an unhappy chappy not getting any reviews done (my portfolio is like, 2 which is pretty pitiful)
Yeah and on top of that a little frustrated about this little stone on my path in the way of my hopes, dreams, goals, aspirations of becoming a writer for a music publication. I just sent an email asking if I can get more involved. I don't know why but it just puts a lump in my throat and fish in my belly asking for things. I don't like rejection. It kinda sucks.

I've got to start taking my own advice more seriously. Sometimes I think my advice sounds too grown-uppy, and the angsty teen inside of me is trying to reject that advice, naturally.

I'll update when I get a reply
peace and love

Yes!! Everything is peachy and my schedule for May just got a lot tighter,yo !

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