Monday, May 31, 2010

BEDOM - Farewell month of May

Dang doodily! I have finally completed this Blog Every Day Of May (BEDOM) challenge I set myself up for. Can I hear a woop woop?

So as you can see from the picture above, that is my diary for the month. In summary I've been to a charity event, gone to 4 gigs (reviewed 3), 2 assignments, 2 tests and 1 exam while working 18 hours a week on average. I've also had a new hair do.

I suppose I can go back to my consistent inconsistent patterns of blogging. See you in August when I do BEDA (blog every day of August) haha. No, I'm sure I have a POV story from a piece of cheese up my sleeve.

Hygiene is the key


Sunday, May 30, 2010

BEDOM - I hope this makes up for the lack of post yesterday...

Is that Jess + Me + Alister Wright from Cloud Control? Heck yes! link to gig review is HERE
(once I've written it haha)

Went to eat Jus Burgers in Subiaco before heading out to Amps to see Cloud Control. It was such an awesome gig. I've seen them a total of 3 times now and every time is still spectacular :)

I have my exam for Business Law tomorrow. Fml. So yeah, lack of meatier posts due to precious energy expended into more worthwhile activities.

I'll post my final BEDOM blog tomorrow after my exam. I haven't decided yet on whether to write something that will be worth your while to read. But you clicked on this link and it was free to do so. No refund or exchange of any kind will be offered

Don't Forget To Be Awesome!

peace and love

Friday, May 28, 2010

BEDOM - Terms and Conditions

Click the second picture to enlarge
Funniest T&C I've seen so far

Thursday, May 27, 2010

BEDOM - Studying Torts and Contract Law for my exam

The title says it all. I've had a pot of peppermint tea, watched Glee...and now I'm going to study


Tomorrow I'm going to Freo early in the morning to get my ticket for On The Bright Side. The line up is fucking ace! Check it:

The Strokes
Mumford and Sons
Angus and Julia Stone
Band of Horses
Hot Chip
Ting Tings
Middle East

I am most excited to see Angus and Julia Stone, sure have some crappy songs (on the new album) but I really love their vibe. Ever since I saw them on SBS doing a live show a few years ago I just fell in love with them. Harmonicas, tambourines and male + female harmonies just get me.

Band of Horses will be spectacular. Pretty much just sold me when I saw then on the line up.

I've been waiting to see Middle East again for some time now. They have been to Perth a couple of times now but the first and last time I saw them was at the Doves gig. They are such amazing musicians and just so incredible live.

On The Bright Side is just going to be a huge folk festival. So awesome! One thing that ticks me off is that its not an 18+ event. This means there is going to be all these little teeny boppers prancing around in op shop bags treating this day like an indie fashion show ie the people who are going to see Mumford and Sons and the bloody Ting Tings. Is it just me or does the TT's and Bluejuice look odd on that list?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BEDOM - Lost?

So apparently Lost is having their final final episode like, ever.
Everyone is talking about it, it's actually nuts. On tv their showing all these director promo things explaining the plot and characters in lead up to the final episode that screens tonight at 8:30pm in Australia... (obviously everyone else in the world has already watched it)

I pretty much spoiled it for myself when I watched Nerimon's video, he explains Lost in under 3 minutes.

Then I find out my buddy Jessiqua posted something about Lost yesterday.

So yeah.... I might just watch the episode tonight other wise I'd be the uncool kid in the play ground. Even though it will probably do my head in trying to follow the story line leading up to this moment.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BEDOM - A letter...

Dear Exams,

You are starting to freak me out. I don't know where to start. I wouldn't go so far as to say I have anxiety issues... but I think I just threw up a little in my mouth thinking about how this is worth 60% of my grade.

I should probably turn down the music to hear theories and diagrams screaming into my ears as try and engrave all these facts into my brain. I should probably stop going on facebook, reading my news feed and take more of an interest in that text book I bought at the beginning of the semester... you know the one with the purple cover about that unit I need to complete for my course...

So hows the family?
Hows life?
Actually don't write back.
Come Monday I don't want to hear of you again


Sunday, May 23, 2010

BEDOM - I love Marcs

I am now the proud owner of this baby...
It fits so well and looks so lovely. I'm under it's spell :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

BEDOM - Dang

I'm in my room thinking its a Sunday night - waiting for this weeks episode of Doctor Who.
Then I realised it Saturday night
Then I realised I'm home this Saturday night. Alone. With this assignment.
It's a date haha.

I quite like Matt Smith as the new Doctor, I think he's got zip. Not as awesome as David Tennant though. I really love Karen Gillan who plays the companion. I'm just a sucker for red heads.

Friday, May 21, 2010

BEDOM - Get a belt or better under wear you fucking chav!

Yuck, I hate this teenage boy fashion statement where they wear their pants really low so it only just covers their crotch. There was this 16 maybeish boy on the bus today

1. You've never owned a belt before?
2. Did you get your undies from best an less?
3. Shouldn't you be in school?

Alright, I understand it's hip and all the other chavs are doing it, but seriously... this means you need to get nicer underwear. Not some piece of cloth your mummy got from Target or Best and Less. Teenagers piss me off - I was never one. I've always been 40 years old in the brain.

Out homies

Too Saucy?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

BEDOM - Sleepy Tea

Oh my goodness most amazing tea in the world! I have this stuff like an hour before I want to go to bed and I drop like a fly that's been sprayed by Mortein! I used to use it when I was really into all that lucid dreaming stuff (being in control of your dreams and being able to connect deeply with your consciousness). It's probably some sort of placebo effect but it works for me. So the last few nights have been absolute bliss, a really deep sleep unfortunately woken up by the 3am pee break.

This is a picture of the tea that I use (I don't have my camera at the moment so I can't take my own happy snap) I think I got this one at Coles? They should be fairly easy to find in all supermarkets. I should totally be getting paid for this product placement...

Until next time you jaded few


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BEDOM - How Soon Is Now?

Okay, so I'm sitting here listing to The Smiths pretending to be the good indie kid I am at heart... and I remember something that happened in year 11. Cast your minds back to 2006 (really, that long ago now?) I had the lyrics written down for How Soon Is Now written on my school file. A girl asked me:
"Oh, so you like Charmed?"
"huh?" was my only response.
So later that night I found out on Charmed they have a 'modern' version of HSIN for the theme song. Seriously. Does anyone remember that show?

Anyways, it was at that point I realised how
out of touch with pop culture I really am. But liking The Smiths is cool now? So I really don't know who I am anymore ah hur hur hur!

I don't think rock bands could ever go out of fashion. Leather jackets and guitars just don't fade however cliche it may be. But if you look up at the Charmed calendar from 2008... sequined boob tube... really? And tops that look like sleep wear?
Silver hoop earrings? And why are all their hair dos exactly the same? Charming? I think not. I'd rather watch Buffy the Edward Cullen slayer.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BEDOM - Procrasta-eating


I just Googled the word and not a lot of sites came up - woot. I'm pretty sure I didn't invent the word though. Procrasta-eating is procrastination in the form of eating. I coined the term while I was doing a major test today in class haha. I'm a huge procrasta-eater and since I started my diet of avoiding things with a fancy packaging, procrasta-eating.. actually just eating has become a lot tougher. I hadn't realised how much stuff is out there in pretty little packages just waiting to jump off the shelves and into your little shopping cart. So here I am having some chicken and noodle soup. :) I think I may get some crackers later and eat some cranberries. How exciting hahaha. I actually do not have the craving goodies in plastic wrapping anymore. How strange, I'm pretty sure just by looking at me one would assume that it would be on my top favourite foods list. Obviously just kidding, my self esteem isn't that low!

* I just had to get up to answer the phone - it was a telemarketer. Damn you people from dragging me away from my yummy chicken and noodle soup *shakes fist*
No one is home at the moment so I'm going to turn up Wolf and Cub really loud, eat some cranberries and crackers ... and pretend I don't have another major test tomorrow.

Catcha tomorrow on the flip side

Monday, May 17, 2010

BEDOM - What shall I have for lunch

What shall I have for lunch? What's in the fridge? I need something to munch
I've been awake since 6'0clock and my brain feels like a big old rock
Something which will satisfy, without splitting my jeans
Something yummy something hot something requiring effort not
Noodles are boring. coloured packaging the devil
There's really not alot, no there's really not alot
I'm picky
My hunger overrides that

Sunday, May 16, 2010

BEDOM - Go away

I really don't know how much more of this I can take
Here is my review for British India. They are actually amazing live. I think I am in love :) And I don't use the term love lightly when it comes to music

BEDOM - Woman of my word

It's days like these I wish I hadn't challenged myself. I didn't post yesterday :(
No good reason. I have no intention of wasting good brain power on a daily post when I should be finishing this review, studying for my upcoming tests and get cracking on that huge assignment due next week. Now I got to factor in my working hours for this week. I'm going to get sick with stress. Poor excuse. Picture?
This is from Amps on Thursday night when Hannah and I went to see British India..

Yehey, look! Proof that I have a life. Haha
Until next time minions

Friday, May 14, 2010

BEDOM - Eeek, almost forgot about this

The weekends really put me out of wack with writing these things. Uhh... Quick update before I go to bed and pretend I'm a rock..

Just came back from seeing Spoon with Ana :) It was freakin' amazing! The energy was so great. At the end there were these guys that jumped up on the stage, claiming to be their biggest fans - and so they played another song for them! So cool, so gracious.

Yeah, I'm not really a Spoon fan, I went more so that Ana could have a gig buddy 'cause I'm awesome like that. I'm really glad that I went :)
My ears are ringing... actually they have been ringing since last night when I went to see British India @ Amplifier... I still need to work on the review for that so I'll post a link later...
Gah I'm just s tired. I feel old. I have work tomorrow, damn my creaking bones.

Yeah that's enough
oh oh oh! I totally saw the lead singer from Harlequin League tonight @ the Spoon gig. But I said nothing even though he was standing, like, right next to me. I'm such a dork

Oh well. Later days

Thursday, May 13, 2010

BEDOM - Food that speaks to my soul

I cast my mind back to when I read Living Consciously by Gay Hendricks - he wrote about the beginning of the journey towards a more fulfilling life.

But what is a full fulling life and how do we achieve it? Why is happiness so important and how can we feel content with our surroundings and with ourselves? There are so many questions people have about life and living I seriously recommend this book if you seek enlightenment. Here are a few things I can tell you from reading and meditating on this book. It has guided me to a place I never thought I would even see and I try and work my everyday to achieve my goals of living a conscious life.

Happiness doesn't last for a moment, for a day, for a week... it's more long term than that. Happiness is a state of mind, not a mood - I think that's where a lot of people get confused and frustrated when the feeling of elation or glee comes and goes so quickly. Happiness is achievable. Why is it important to be happy? Great positive energy is manifested from happiness; it makes us more productive, more pleasant to be around and helps pursuing our dreams a reality not just a fantasy. We are all capable of happiness, it's programed into us from the moment we left the womb. It takes a huge effort to unlock the happiness from within us, but once you've done it, you and everyone around you will reap the benefits.

To be happy, we need to have overall satisfaction and contentment in most areas of our lives. These areas are:
1. Physical
2. Mental
3. Social (friends)
4. Achieving dreams and aspirations
5. Spiritual

This is an adapted list (I've lent the book to a friend so I don't have it in front of me right now to check). These areas are all INTERDEPENDENT, satisfaction in all of these areas are equally important. It's easier and more productive to work from 1 through to 5.
When you want your life to take a more positive and course, you need to assess yourself first.
What kinds of food are you eating? Do they speak to your soul? Do they express your thoughts? They way you think about your body is generally the way you think, perceive and process the world. Your body is a temple (so cliche), it will be the only thing you have that will last you a lifetime. Your body is the key to finding out what your soul really wants - what your true desires in life are. Raw, unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, eggs, milk etc. Anything that comes in a fancy packet that says it's good for you is off the menu. Eating the right foods will not only make you physically healthier, but mentally more sound. It balances your mood, kicks you back into caveman days where you have to rely on the strength of your body to charge through the day and overcome sickness. Watch your tolerance build and feel your immune system work effortlessly when the flu season hits.

Part b. for physical achievement is exercise. I'm definitely not an expert on this area but I'm a big fan of walking. Walk everywhere you can. Walk to the grocery store - get huge bags of nuts, fruit, veg and carry it back home in a backpack. If you didn't get it all done in the first hit, go again. Wake up earlier, make time for it. 30 minutes more of sleep it not beneficial to anyone, contrary to popular belief, that 30 minutes will not make a difference to how tired you become during the day. Go to the gym, use exercise as a social activity - you know what to do.

I'm doing this for me, for my own spiritual journey. But you are more than welcome to join me. This first step has always been hard for me - I have a major sweet tooth and sometimes I just can't stop myself from binge eating. I am now making a stand - I am going to do this. This is not just for my health, this is for my very being and I think it's now time to treat my soul with more respect.

For breakfast I have eaten a banana, a raw carrot and a soft boiled egg.
I've got a range of nuts, macadamias, almonds, walnuts, cashews... I should get some dried cranberries for the sweet tooth. Maybe I'll bake some health muffins and post up some lovely pictures...

Until next time my small handful of readers
peace and love

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

BEDOM - On a scale of 1-10, how cliche?

Sunday morning

There is space for one name
On my heart made of stone
Carve something quick
before there's nothing left but bone
I'd wait for eternity
If it didn't seem so long
You glimmered in the distance
But I blinked and you were gone
Tonight the call was so loud
I just lost my head
I walked around so many times
Before stumbling into bed
Slept soundless through the night
Still in my black dress
My stockings had been torn
and my face a smothered mess
Dry retching in the toilet
my hair pulled back tight
Closing my eyes tightly
They'll burn if I see light
There's a church down the road
I can hear the choir bleating
The voices resound in my ear
And start to feel them bleeding
I remember a moment
Smoking on the stairs
I remember dancing
and no one being here
Tight jeaned lead singer
screams in agony
Spits on his shoe
and looks right at me

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BEDOM - A rhyming poem of sorts

Let's pretend for a second we're not scared
and let's pretend we came prepared
Just stand in silence, breathe not
Our bones rattle in the parking lot
There's not a star in sight
We're looking up at satellites

You lit up a smoke and crack open a beer
I downed one too, to dampen the fear
The car collects midnight dew
Moments like these we have so few
We could leave this town and not return
Things to see and things to learn

Live like convicts in a new land
Sleep on the beach in the soft sand
Put a fake pistol to a store owners head
Blow the money on books and bread
These unchained bikes are for the taking
All the minor laws we could be breaking
Retire in a house we'd make out of wood
Out in mountains where the rain smells good

But we are scared of leaving this all behind
Wanting to know how our road unwinds
Or maybe we'll pave something different;
Something grand, something significant
We can have it all
We can have it all right here
We can see more than satellites
Just let go of the fear

Monday, May 10, 2010

BEDOM - Lust for stuff

Dress from

How amazing are these shoes from Wittner?!

I really love this outfit. All from

Love love love the envelope neckline from

Bag from

My heart says yes, but my rational (and my bank account) say no.

In other news my Bluejuice @ Capitol review is up.
Read and be merry

Sunday, May 9, 2010

BEDOM - I really cannot be bothered today

I had 3.5 blissful hours of sleep. Unfortunately it is not enough, and an even more unfortunate that I probably will not get to sleep until the wee hours of Monday morning.

um a picture to compensate? This is from last night before I went out:

Saturday, May 8, 2010

BEDOM - Lose the radio, find your own music

Good morning! It's 7:40 am and I'm sitting in my bed, listening to triple j and doing some Bluejuice research. Here is my top 5 list of the websites I go to first when trying to get into/research a band:

1. Myspace - I don't use myspace anymore to talk to my friends - Facebook has definitely monopolized the online networking world. I use Myspace as a tool to research bands. Most often (if the artist isn't a gigantic corporate money making machine) bands will run their own Myspace - this means first hand information; press releases, statements, upcoming dates and tours. Full tracks to listen to - none of this 30 second preview crap on iTunes.

2. - I absolutely love this site! If you sign up they have this application that 'scrobbles' the music that you listen to and it links you to neighbours from all around the world that have similar taste to you. It's the be all and end all when comparing your music taste to your friends, seriously. It suggests bands for you to listen to - I have been known to spend hours on this site talking to people about bands, researching new ones and then logging onto myspace to search them. You can also search shows that you will be attending, post a comment on the event, write a review and even see other attendees.

3. - Australian music lovers, this is your bible. The ultimate guide to get that one step closer to your favourite band. I'm still trying to figure out how they get all the first hand rumors/information about band cock ups and record scandals and tidbits like that. Jam packed with reviews, interviews and first class photos and breaking band news - You wont know where to look first. I signed up as a contribute in August last year, I haven't really been contributing much until now but it's really improved my confidence in my writing. I'll be posting links when they are up on the website.

4. Wikipedia - Everyone's best friend when you want immediate and overall information. I use this to see the bands history, chart hits, order of album releases and get a bit of a feel for how they began and where they are now. It's a bit lazy, and second hand but it's probably the best place to start....and probably the first site that comes up when you type a band name into Google. Use it.

5. Song Meanings - If you are really getting obsessed look up the song meanings. Look up your band -> look up the song and take a look at how bad your hearing is, chances are you have been singing the wrong lyrics (like I so often do). The comments are generated by users so you get all sorts of interpretations of the music, maybe someone has read an interview with the artists that reveals the intended meaning. Of course if you have a Yahoo ID you can post your own interpretations. I have a private alias for that because I'm actually a song interpretation freak. Thank you year 12 English!

Why am I up so early doing this? Here is my weekend plan if you're interested, it's gonna be one of those weekends that just don't end.

Saturday 12-3:30 work
Saturday 8pm-2am (approx.) Bluejuice @ Capitol/Amps/Republic
Sunday 11am Lunch with Sheresa
Sunday 12-5 work
Sunday 6:30 - 10 (approx.) Jess's birthday dinner

Oh....did I mention the review is due Sunday evening? Yeah. One of those weekends where sleep is not an option. I shall leave you at that.

No-doz and Energy drinks

Friday, May 7, 2010

BEDOM - Perth Train Fiasco

I take the Mandurah line, and today it stopped just before we got into the Esplanade. FOR 35 MINUTES! It felt so claustrophobic, knowing that I am breathing in re-circulated air among a hundred strangers - including someone who seemed to have a very nasty cough. Grrraaarr! Primal instinct to pry open the carriage doors with my bare hands....or pass out. Time passes so slowly after you've deleted all unnecessary texts from your phone.

It also doesn't help that I have a cave man phone from like, 2005, so I can't go on the internet without it charging me a packet. I did however, managed to tweet:

I am also well aware that I spelled 'claustrophobic' wrong in my tweet. I'm never gonna get a real writing gig. haha. A few months ago I vowed never to tweet again. I even wrote a blog about it, explaining why. But now I'm back I guess - I deem my life tweet worthy as of today.

Oh! and I also went to Fremantle today to get Children Collide tickets. Mills Records, you are gold.

I'm actually so tired right now. It's just past 9pm and I think I'll hit the sack. Tomorrow I have work - and then I'm going to see Bluejuice @ Capitol. I'm reviewing it for Booyah.

Piece of Love


Thursday, May 6, 2010

BEDOM - Death of a stick of butter

Icy cold water drips on mah back, bloody 'ell, not again. Mah wrappin's are comin' loose and that distgustin' water from teh fridge is leakin' into mah soft buttery body. No one's gonna want a piece of this now. Plus I'm sure as 'ell mah expiration date was well over five days ago.
Jeepers, the slackers that work here... I should be well retirin' into a nice dry fridge by now. Some life on the shelf I've been livin'

I of'en fantasize of teh days I could have been havin' instead of getting mah buttocks wet sittin' in this old heap, watching the young ones fly off and inter shoppin' carts. I could have been transported in one of those pretty lookin' blue and white things and taken to teh beach. Ahh what it would feel like to 'ave teh wrappin's pulled off mah skin so I ken feel teh salt air and the clean sweep of teh knife. I'd cover that bread good with my smooth, yellowy texture; she won't know what hit her buns!
Or even a fancy tea party. I'd be dancing with all sorts of cuties; little triangle sandwiches, muffins, cupcakes and scones! Of all tings why did I haf teh think 'bout that? Oh an' lookin' up at them made up dolls and watching them scrunch their faces if someone were teh offer me on a saucer. Haha, that'll be a laugh. Yes it goes straigh' to yer t'ighs ladies but so does that cheap-imitation-claims-to-be-good-for-yer-margarine!

Oooff! What's happ'nin!? Take yer hands off meh yer little brat! Squeeze any tighter and think I might jus' slop all over teh floor! That'll be one mess yer boss with tank yer fer. Where are yer takin' meh? ...This isn't where we keep teh big freezer. Why yer takin' meh outside fer? I'll melt you ruddy son of a bitch!
The darkness... the stench... what's this piece of asparagus pokin' me in teh behind fer? It's so warm in here. I feel so tired. Maybe I'll just take a short nap and sort out how ter get inter teh big fridge later on. Yeah...sounds like a good plan. I'm all loosey goosey. Has any of you egg shells seen mah wrapper? Excuse me if I look indecent.

Oh no, what's happnin' now? The earth shakes around, me and mah new comrades rattle around. They're screaming: "EARTHQUAKE! TSUNAMI! BLENDER!" We mush together, pressed against each other, like one. And then silence. A dead silence that screams louder than any piece of moldy bread. A blinding light shines upon us, I squint waiting for me eyes ter adjust.

I see... I Pale, infinite, blue. Everywhere, it stretches forever.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today is the 5th of May and I can feel this project already falling to shits. I actually had planned to switch off all communication devices tonight and soak myself up with some Explosions in the Sky or Mogwai... But then I remembered this. Well my phone is off, until next morning and I am so very tempted to check my Facebook for the 172nd time today. When I was growing up, we used this thing called a 'land line' and we'd call our friends, hang out and have a chat. Those days are long gone buddy, post on my wall and I'll comment you back when I get a chance.

My mum always complains that I steal her gum. So today I went and got my own pack. A big pack of gum; the ones that claim to whiten you teeth as you chew. I'm a real sucker for that kind of marketing, it really appeals to my vain need to achieve hollywood white teeth. So naturally, I've been chewing alot. My jaw has finally gotten a rest at the end of the night, it feels as though I'm trying to get 2 positive sides of a magnet to stick together. My jaw will just not shut!
I'm thinking of getting new frames. What do you think of me in my dad's old ones?

Peas and Love

Oh PS:

And I am totally in love this this guy--- >> charlieissocoollike

2 words: Crazy - Fangirl
Charlie may or may not be mentioned in future posts. Seeing as that he is at least 19, It's safe to say I wont go to jail for any comments that I make. Always good to know :D

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

BEDOM - Asking for Favours

Asking for favours makes me feel uncomfortable.
This is incredibly hypocritical of me because whenever I hear anyone say:
"Hey dude, I feel really bad for asking you this but ..."
I tend so say "Ahhh young grass hopper, ask and you shall receive!" And help them out however I can.
But it's true, you'll never get what you want if you don't ask for it. It still makes me feel bad. In a way I feel like I'm using the person for my own gain - as if personal gain is wrong and non beneficial to anyone else.

Haha, that's such a communist point of view. I should move to China and revel in websites approved by the government *roll of the eyes* What kind of a nation rejects Google as the greatest source of information? If you ask me China should bow down and worship the html coding and use the audio preview to sing lullabies to their children.

Personally, I have no problem whatsoever with my friends asking to borrow my stuff or asking me to do something for them. I think that if you are friends with someone, these are like base expectations. I just don't like doing it because it makes me feel selfish or a user or something.

Anyways, why did I bring this up? Well... funny story, as in weird not haha funny, I'm pretty sure FL doesn't like my style of writing (or maybe I'm just being self conscious) which has resulted in lack of heads up about the local gigs coming up. Therefore I'm a little bit of an unhappy chappy not getting any reviews done (my portfolio is like, 2 which is pretty pitiful)
Yeah and on top of that a little frustrated about this little stone on my path in the way of my hopes, dreams, goals, aspirations of becoming a writer for a music publication. I just sent an email asking if I can get more involved. I don't know why but it just puts a lump in my throat and fish in my belly asking for things. I don't like rejection. It kinda sucks.

I've got to start taking my own advice more seriously. Sometimes I think my advice sounds too grown-uppy, and the angsty teen inside of me is trying to reject that advice, naturally.

I'll update when I get a reply
peace and love

Yes!! Everything is peachy and my schedule for May just got a lot tighter,yo !

Monday, May 3, 2010

BEDOM - Relay For Life

Apologies! But managing to sleep from 5pm to 9am is not something I regret haha
Relay For Life was such an awesome weekend! We managed to raise over $2,300 towards cancer research though sausage sizzles and donations from work, friends and family. Everyone put in such an amazing effort to make this happen. I'm so proud of all you lil troopers! Walking around a WA Athletics Stadium for 24 hours passing around a toy screw driver is my idea of a weekend :)

Here is a photo dump:

Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's the 1st of May and I'm going to blog every freakin' day!

Blog Every Day of May (BEDOM; pronounced "bee-dom") is going to be my platform to write some self indulgent pieces while I pretend a small following of people will be reading my words and worship me like a god!

For you geeks out there, this is total rip off from BEDA but April wasn’t a good month for me. I’m not going to backspace that – April was an excellent month for me, I was on holidays! But unfortunately I didn’t have the internet for 2 weeks (well I had dialup, but that is so 1996) and therefore could not post without getting extremely pissed off. Cha.

So this is my first post. Greetings and Salutation! :)

I'm just about to head out to Western Australia's Athletics Stadium for Relay for Life. Basic run down, it's a fundraiser for cancer. You sign up in teams and take it in turns to walk/run/skip a baton around in a huge circle for 24 hours - this is to symbolise that cancer never stops.

I've done this once, like way back in my girl guide days. It's a lot of family fun really. I wonder what bands are going to be playing, if any.

Lots of happy snaps are coming your way!

Peace and Love, yo