Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Upcoming Blog Project...stay tuned


I am well aware there have been lack of posts! I would apologize and offer you some sort of explanation to settle your undying need to stalk me at any given time if the day... but I won't.

Truth is I just haven't had the patience to sit down and write anything that wasn't going to be graded or published on Faster Louder. My dear friends, if you are reading this right now you may be well aware that I am keen on becoming a writer someday. Unfortunately I have not exercised this lust for words for a very very long time and I feel now is the time to take hold of my motivation and squeeze every ounce into this project I have come up with.

You don't expect me to tell you what it is do you? You'll just have to wait for May 1st for the launch. I don't want anyone to steal my idea and I don't want my big ego to get in the way of our friendship, orwhite? I'll just say now that it's going to be semi-awesome, nothing too crass to get my 15 minutes on channel 9 like dog bark man, ch-ch-boom girl or Corey Delaney. Just sayin'

I'm going to void babbling and end this here

be good to your mother
or someone else will ;)

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luvieur said...

me is excitement.
not just in my pants (;