Thursday, January 28, 2010

I send letters to myself sometimes

Dear Motivation,

Hey buddy, been away for a while. I'm just about to set up a search party. I've left messages on your answering machine, Did you get them? Don't bother listening to them if you haven't had the chance, it's just me screaming down the line:
"You better not be canoodling with Sanity while I sit here staring at a blank page!"
"I blamed another late assignment on lack of your presence, hope you don't mind"
Oh, if Sanity is lurking over your shoulder as you read this, tell her to get back to me ASAP. I'm ready to talk contracts for a permanent position in Cerebral Cortex.

I don't know if you have the news on your little holiday island, but that destructive and infectious, Negativity, has bought out 30% Brain Enterprises, of left AND right divisions. We must come together and either buy this sucker out or take the motherfucker down! I'm talking assassination. Commander Endorphin will march his troops right in and take back what is rightfully ours.

We must re-instate Positivity as our sole leader for the good of The Unit.
Such a magnificent Dictatorship to see us through 2010 and beyond!


Communications and Conscious Resources Officer
Cerebral Cortex of Brain Enterprises

PS: If Sanity could start work in the next 24 hours that would be great

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Accepable use of fake grass

I found this as I was browsing It's an electric garden charging station, you put the excess cords underneath the grass. It's pretty neat!
Unfortunately it has sold out and I'm trying to find one elsewhere. If anyone sees one let me know

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Resurrection of Somesorts

Guten Tag!
My facebook page is down for maintenance, I don't tweet anymore, my face doesn't want to dailybooth, myspace is dead, I have no money in my paypal account and youtube is really starting to bore me. SRLY FML lol

Tomorrow I will be going down to Busselton for SOUTHBOUND camping, music and arts festival. Thanks to Jessica Eaton I'll be living it up VIP style! Last semester Jess decided to take on more work by entering a Murdoch Student blog competition. She won! (old news I know, but I haven't blogged for ages) And is now one huge step closer to her dream - an internship with Sunset Events. Read about it here.

The beauty of Southbound is that is goes for 3 days. Three blissful days of seeing, breathing, hearing and feeling music. The blazing sun, the dirt and the cues for the porta-loos don't matter anymore when you see some band play an excellent set. There isn't anyone I'm really desperate to see this year, so I'm hoping to become a fan of someone new.

Some notable acts worth seeing include: Andrew Bird, The View, Lisa Mitchell, Little Red (The happy drummer!), Children Collide, Art vs Science, John Steel Singers, Oh Mercy... I have also heard that Goodnight Tiger will be playing on the fringe so come and support some real Perthian tallent.

I mentioned a resurrection in the title of this entry, yes I will be writing more often. Hopefully more music and Perth oriented rather than self absorbed. I guess I'm a bit of a selfish writer, but if you had an awesome life like me...why wouldn't you write about yourself?

My two cents is bigger than your two cents