Monday, November 16, 2009

I stuffed up my sleeping pattern so bad :(

Hello Dad. Yes, hi. As you are my only regular reader I thought it be only polite of me to address you in a blog :)

I am officially on Summer Holidays now! I have no idea when I'm getting results for my units... Murdoch is having a strike or something and withholding results until they get a pay rise. Fair enough I'd say, all power to them.

I've been busy these past couple of weeks; by my standards. Yes the average person may only need two days to complete 3 assignments, study for 2 tests, 1 exam and also churn out a 500 word gig review but alas, I work at the same pace it takes for the polar icecaps to melt. Oh wait...did I say gig review? Now I know you are asking: "Why isn't it on here Steff?" Well dad, because it is here on on

I have some very good memories that were born at Amplifier Bar. 25/10/2009 Meeting KRIS ROE from The Ataris. I actually spoke words to the man himself, and I still haven't washed my shirt because it smells like his sweat. Just simply amazing. The only band I still listen to from the age of 12 came to Perth and I touched my highschool hero, don't tell me to wash my shirt.

And the other memory was born on Friday night; my first FasterLouder assignment, reviewing Whitley@Amps. I was on "the list" and I brought Claire as my +1. I'm just gonna come out and say what I mean, I felt really cool.

Here is a babyporridge style photo dump:

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