Saturday, October 3, 2009

unshaked hands and feelings

I am feeling tired. I am feeling wired. I am feeling pins and needles from having my legs crossed. I am feeling warm. I am also feeling cold.

I feel how desperate people are for attention, some form of recognition that they are have a significant existence. I can't stop thinking about this customer I had today... She basically threatened to complain about unprofessional comments I allegedly made about her as she walked away from the counter in the middle of a transaction. She then went on this huge spiel about her aunt working in admin and how she didn't need this shit cause this was the first outing in 2 weeks following a death.

At the time I just stood there and took it, I was caught completely off guard. I really do sympathize for her though with what she's going through and everything, but bringing up her emotional status is unnecessary when you are telling someone they did something wrong. I'm not going to deny what I did and I am not going to accept what she says as truth, in all honesty it had zero significance to me and whatever has been done cannot be changed. I believe she is just sensitive and perhaps a little paranoid and obviously not communicating her feelings with family and friends...lack of this activity could lead to a public outburst or a heavy unloading to a complete stranger. Water off a ducks back.

Question(s). Did my lack of butt-kiss reaction mean I am an insensitive person? I just said to her that I'm sorry she feels this way, but however did not apologise for the act. What's the worse that could happen from this event? What did she expect from confronting me? Did I deliver?

I'm feeling a huge strain being nice to people who essentially treat you like a servant they shipped over from a third world country. Why do I waste my positive energy on people who will not change their poor attitudes because they are not having the retail therapy experience they were looking forward to? I'm seeing all these Negative Nancys everywhere I go, bringing people down with their poor attitudes towards life because they feel they have low self-esteem. I want to help but at the same time I can't let myself get sucked dry.

I'm going to regenerate now (sleep) so I can bring forth my positive attitude to work tomorrow.

Peace and Love
Don't forget to be awesome :)

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luvieur said...

i work on mensfloor just so i can get away from menstruating women, women, and other hags.
but they always seem to find their way downtown lowerground to be nasty and rude.

but this is customer service related jobs. u have to deal with the idiots, no matter.

if they come by bitchy, i sometimes try to laugh it off and think that they havnt had sex for a while.

good luck. see u in tm. ;)