Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lucidity, my fancy word for ramblings

I am currently listening to THE SMITHS while trying to multitask like a true woman, studying for my Consumer Behaviour mid term exam. It is most exciting studying the ins and outs (hehe) of the materialistic and ego centric culture we live in. Why do people need all this stuff? Because they believe that buying certain products and being seen using these products will enhance their persona, their projection on to the world. Should I reference that? Screw you. It's not plagerism, simply creative regurgitation.

Now, I must admit, using all these different sizes and fonts in the one blog makes my writing look a whole lot more interesting, my words cannot stand on their own two feet (if words had feet) without a bit of eye candy, yeah you like that don't you?

Mother calls for my attention, to come to dinner but I'd rather sit at my computer and write because I am a writer and I think I am ladida, hoity toity above you all with my words smart arse remarks. haha, my mum actually says that. Love eet.

My door is left ajar;
The smell of cooked meat is wafting into my room,
And my body trembles.
It hones on me like a plague;
Calling out to me,
A sizzle, a clinker of plates
I cannot fight it,
I get out of my seat
Leave my Mac
and bid you all adieu
adieu to you and you and you

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