Friday, October 23, 2009

I lost my Le Specs at One Movement!

I'm not really going to bother much with words for this entry. Allow my pictures and subtitles to tell the story...

These two pictures sum up my life. Murdoch uni + Proof of Age card = Free V + Free Concert ticket


Fefe Dobson = Amazing performer. Real treat :)

I Heart Hiroshima - Excellent indie dance rock. Early in the day and a small crowd, severely underrated. Awesome!

Meiko - Such a cute dress! Hilarious this one. She sang a song about hotdogs and afterward I felt a little peckish. Guess what I got... a cheesy hotdog. As I bit into it the cheese splat on my nose. Embarrassing and painful :/

Props to the drummer from Little Red! Smiled throughout the whole set

Day one outfit. Hanging with the Jess :)

Day two outfit. Bumped into Michaela :)

Overall the two day fest was AWESOME fun despite the hot weather on Saturday and all the bugs and getting hot cheese on my nose and losing my sunglasses ...
I am on the hunt for cosmic string 08804011 Biatch... if anyone finds then let me know


steffwantssugar said...

It's okay people. The search is over...I have purchased the same ones :D

michaela said...

totally made it onto stephs blog :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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