Tuesday, October 27, 2009

THE ATARIS: Return to Perth

Sunday 25th October brought punk rockers into the intimate Amplifier Bar in Perth to see The Ataris (USA) since their last Australian tour in 2003. From humble beginnings in the mid 90's, The Ataris were propelled to the top of Australian charts with the commercial release of So Long, Astoria (Sony: 2003). A huge gap after touring like machines and a flip over in band members lead to a gutsy release of Welcome the Night (Isola: 2007), a collection of beautifully dreary and ambient songs none of which appeared on the set list.

Supporting acts included Stealing O'Neal, a pop rock band from Melbourne, "market trend rockers" with their skinny jeans, loafers and fast paced tunes. The performance lacked impact and delivered predictability. The vocals were overpowered by the instruments as the set began to sound like a half hour song with 20 second breaks every 3.45 minutes. The young guns were undoubtedly energetic and friendly, bringing the small crowd to life with the catchy track, Chin Up Baby.

When The Ataris came out, it was obvious this is what everyone had been waiting for. A crowd I can only describe as 'diverse' packed closer to the front cheering for a band they loved in high school. Front man Kris Roe expressed such genuine gratitude and appreciation for his fans and continuously thanked the venue for having them perform. And perform they did. As a three piece the sound was well balanced, heaps of energy to carry the fast paced tracks and steady with ballads. Roe worked hard and played passionately, giving it his all with his vocal range and his signature, left handed, upside down strings guitar playing.

Lighting the fire with Unopened Letter the the World and several more songs from the So Long, Astoria album including Boys of Summer, a Don Henley cover Roe claimed they would never play at another show. A real treat for some hardcore fans when they played Anderson from the very first album in 1997: Anywhere But Here and a handful of other nostalgic songs I.O.U. One Galaxy, Your Boyfriend Sucks, 1*15*96, Summerwind and San Dimas High School Football Rules.

The Ataris are really, too kind. Letting a drunk birthday boy jump up on stage, slur words to In This Diary before multiple stage dives with his friends throughout the night and thinning out the mosh pit. Poor Form, sir, Poor Form indeed. Roe tried to conceal signs of irritation and let it slide, but it was obvious this guy was being a complete nuisance and should stick to sing star in a sound proof room.

Props to the guitarist of Stealing O'Neal for taking the term "rock out-with your cock out" in a very literal and M15+ context. Overall a very punk rock experience; nudity, stage dives and waking up with bruises.

Looking forward to the album on 2012! (ETA)

Friday, October 23, 2009

I lost my Le Specs at One Movement!

I'm not really going to bother much with words for this entry. Allow my pictures and subtitles to tell the story...

These two pictures sum up my life. Murdoch uni + Proof of Age card = Free V + Free Concert ticket


Fefe Dobson = Amazing performer. Real treat :)

I Heart Hiroshima - Excellent indie dance rock. Early in the day and a small crowd, severely underrated. Awesome!

Meiko - Such a cute dress! Hilarious this one. She sang a song about hotdogs and afterward I felt a little peckish. Guess what I got... a cheesy hotdog. As I bit into it the cheese splat on my nose. Embarrassing and painful :/

Props to the drummer from Little Red! Smiled throughout the whole set

Day one outfit. Hanging with the Jess :)

Day two outfit. Bumped into Michaela :)

Overall the two day fest was AWESOME fun despite the hot weather on Saturday and all the bugs and getting hot cheese on my nose and losing my sunglasses ...
I am on the hunt for cosmic string 08804011 Biatch... if anyone finds then let me know

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lucidity, my fancy word for ramblings

I am currently listening to THE SMITHS while trying to multitask like a true woman, studying for my Consumer Behaviour mid term exam. It is most exciting studying the ins and outs (hehe) of the materialistic and ego centric culture we live in. Why do people need all this stuff? Because they believe that buying certain products and being seen using these products will enhance their persona, their projection on to the world. Should I reference that? Screw you. It's not plagerism, simply creative regurgitation.

Now, I must admit, using all these different sizes and fonts in the one blog makes my writing look a whole lot more interesting, my words cannot stand on their own two feet (if words had feet) without a bit of eye candy, yeah you like that don't you?

Mother calls for my attention, to come to dinner but I'd rather sit at my computer and write because I am a writer and I think I am ladida, hoity toity above you all with my words smart arse remarks. haha, my mum actually says that. Love eet.

My door is left ajar;
The smell of cooked meat is wafting into my room,
And my body trembles.
It hones on me like a plague;
Calling out to me,
A sizzle, a clinker of plates
I cannot fight it,
I get out of my seat
Leave my Mac
and bid you all adieu
adieu to you and you and you

Friday, October 9, 2009

My heart on the line...

For those of you who don't know, I have been trying to get onto lookbook.nu for some time now, and after some shameless begging and persistence...Steff finally got an invite!

I have actually just posted my first look and I'm quite nervous about the community reaction; because it is my deepest longing to be liked by strangers on the internet! Or in this case "hyped" and featured in the hot looks category.

The following picture I am about to post here is an open invitation to JUDGE ME. Do it, it will satisfy your soul and make you dream of fruity mentos:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Saturday, October 3, 2009

unshaked hands and feelings

I am feeling tired. I am feeling wired. I am feeling pins and needles from having my legs crossed. I am feeling warm. I am also feeling cold.

I feel how desperate people are for attention, some form of recognition that they are have a significant existence. I can't stop thinking about this customer I had today... She basically threatened to complain about unprofessional comments I allegedly made about her as she walked away from the counter in the middle of a transaction. She then went on this huge spiel about her aunt working in admin and how she didn't need this shit cause this was the first outing in 2 weeks following a death.

At the time I just stood there and took it, I was caught completely off guard. I really do sympathize for her though with what she's going through and everything, but bringing up her emotional status is unnecessary when you are telling someone they did something wrong. I'm not going to deny what I did and I am not going to accept what she says as truth, in all honesty it had zero significance to me and whatever has been done cannot be changed. I believe she is just sensitive and perhaps a little paranoid and obviously not communicating her feelings with family and friends...lack of this activity could lead to a public outburst or a heavy unloading to a complete stranger. Water off a ducks back.

Question(s). Did my lack of butt-kiss reaction mean I am an insensitive person? I just said to her that I'm sorry she feels this way, but however did not apologise for the act. What's the worse that could happen from this event? What did she expect from confronting me? Did I deliver?

I'm feeling a huge strain being nice to people who essentially treat you like a servant they shipped over from a third world country. Why do I waste my positive energy on people who will not change their poor attitudes because they are not having the retail therapy experience they were looking forward to? I'm seeing all these Negative Nancys everywhere I go, bringing people down with their poor attitudes towards life because they feel they have low self-esteem. I want to help but at the same time I can't let myself get sucked dry.

I'm going to regenerate now (sleep) so I can bring forth my positive attitude to work tomorrow.

Peace and Love
Don't forget to be awesome :)