Monday, September 28, 2009

The Perth Parklife

I can't really taste anything, my nose is prickly and I think my lungs are filling up with mucus. The constant sneezing is making me think I may be coming down with something... But never the less, I am here to provide some entertainment (or lack there of) for my one and only reader, my father. Hi dad, get back to work! Neglecting my uni assignments seem to have been the only option this week when I prioritize earning some $$ and working on my social life. Cracking open a book has never given me a cold so it's safe to say I'm not allergic to paper, just the thought of hard work is enough to repel me toward more contagious activities.

I went to Parklife yesterday, 8 hours of electro beats and rave music including acts:

The weather was so good and so were those $12 cocktails which just tasted like non alcoholic juice, but never the less, quenched the thirst factor the Black Smirnoffs did not. Some notable performances of the day would include ART VS SCIENCE, energetic and engaging as always.

LITTLE BOOTS was so sweet in her little Topshop outfit:

I didn't get any good photos from LA ROUX, I listened to her from the Red Rooster stand as I was in a 100 person cue for fatty food which would make me even more dehydrated. She is AMAZING live! She sang In For The Kill and Bullet Proof and it was absolutely flawless. I'm hoping she comes back to Perth someday so I can see a fraction of her wacky hair.

METRIC was static with their electric anthems:

And in the end, myself and a couple of mates ended up at the front centre stage for TIGA:

Overall it was a good day, I wouldn't go so far as to say "awesome", I'd say it was epically okay. Major oxymoron there for ya.

Here are some more happy snaps of me and some flesh friends:

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