Monday, August 24, 2009

Mother Me

Um, do I start this?
I walk past a kindergarten when I catch the bus to go to University; I love seeing the kids swinging from the monkey bars and running around with their friends (probably because I never had any at that age). Today this little girl wearing a pink shirt and purple pants ran right up to the gate and I thought "aww how cute" well, that was until she shouted at me:

"Are you somebody's mummy?!"

Awesome. I hate kids. Do I look like I mother? Gah, hand me some FreezeFrame! I walked away. I wanted to ask her how she came to that conclusion but her teacher was watching like a hawk. Plus I wouldn't encourage children to talk to strangers... unless of course they had candy. Perhaps I should have offered her some fruity mentos I had in my bag, but like I said, her teacher was watching like a hawk.

In other news...
Tomorrow tickets go on sale for The Ataris! I'm so stoked man. Last time they came I was 12 and I have been a fan ever since. I grew up with them so I'd say they have definitely changed my life :) haha how cheesy. I love cheese.

That's all for now

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