Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dialects @ School

My mum took this photo this morning. Made my day!

I went to the Elephant and Wheelbarrow once and I saw that they had a red telephone booth..if only it were blue...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mother Me

Um, do I start this?
I walk past a kindergarten when I catch the bus to go to University; I love seeing the kids swinging from the monkey bars and running around with their friends (probably because I never had any at that age). Today this little girl wearing a pink shirt and purple pants ran right up to the gate and I thought "aww how cute" well, that was until she shouted at me:

"Are you somebody's mummy?!"

Awesome. I hate kids. Do I look like I mother? Gah, hand me some FreezeFrame! I walked away. I wanted to ask her how she came to that conclusion but her teacher was watching like a hawk. Plus I wouldn't encourage children to talk to strangers... unless of course they had candy. Perhaps I should have offered her some fruity mentos I had in my bag, but like I said, her teacher was watching like a hawk.

In other news...
Tomorrow tickets go on sale for The Ataris! I'm so stoked man. Last time they came I was 12 and I have been a fan ever since. I grew up with them so I'd say they have definitely changed my life :) haha how cheesy. I love cheese.

That's all for now

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Art vs Science @ Norfolk Basement 19/08/09

I wasn't sure how the humble Norfolk Basement, Fremantle would handle all that energy from Sydney three piece electro band ART VS SCIENCE.
Let me tell you, it was a lot like the popping a mentos in a bottle of coke; the coke being Norfolk, the mentos being ART VS SCIENCE and the grade five scientist being me... Imagine screwing the lid back on and looking at that brown sugary stuff bubbling and causing a riot in a plastic deathtrap. In other words, it went OFF!

Triple J have picked many a well grown crop from the their Unearthed website and the structure of their act is quite simple: They play, you dance. For those who don't own the album yet *cough*, you might be familiar with "Parlez Vous Francais? Flippers and Hollywood" I can only describe them as high energy, upbeat and exciting; these guys just use their instruments so effectively you'll be too in the mood to dance to notice how cheesy they instruct you and your flippers to get down.


Nothing much else to say really.. I really enjoyed the show, it was such a workout and the boys were really engaging. I should probably get their album and clean my white sneakers I wore to the show... Or maybe I should just let go of the fact they used to be white and accept they are now grey?


Saturday, August 1, 2009

There were DOVES @ The Capitol

How can I possible go to sleep after seeing one of my favourite bands? DOVES played at The Capitol, Perth, only a few hours ago and I want to write this while I still have the fresh buzz.

This the first concert I have been to on my own and despite the fact that I absolutely love DOVES, I started the night off feeling a little awkward. As I waited in line I couldn't help but notice I was surrounded by mostly more mature aged fans, the security guy didn't even ask me for ID! (Although I am almost 19, I have been told I still look as youthful a as 16 year old)

Pushing my way toward the stage, I was thankful for my familiarity with the place when a older gentleman asked me where the toilets were. THE MIDDLE EAST is probably the best support act I have ever seen/heard. I have heard "Blood" and "The Darkest Side" spun on Triple J, but seeing them live is definitely an experience in itself. Their sound is very unique, think Band of Horses meets Sigur Ros, gentle post rock and indie sounds, very surreal and spacey. The dude's voice is just hauntingly beautiful - a definite must see at Norfolk Basement, Fremantle Sunday night

When Jimi Goodwin came out from the little red curtains, I thought my heart would explode. What an amazing voice! When he played a solo acoustic "Northenden" I was absolutely hypnotized. I don't think I have ever been to a show when I wasn't shoved around all night by some crazy drunk fan. Civilized people at concerts are quite new to me so if anyone is reading this that was there earlier tonight, thank you very much for not spilling your drink on me or bruising my feet!

.DOVES played a few favourites from the older albums, "There Goes The Fear, Rise, Last Broadcast, Here it comes, The Cedar Room, Almost forgot Myself, Snowden" and everyone went nuts for "Back and White Town"

I really enjoy Kingdom of Rust, there are some excellent tracks on it like "Birds flew backwards and Winter Hill" but if you are just getting into the band, DO NOT pick up this album first. Go and listen to Lost Souls and Some Cities. DOVES albums are like a series of books, you could read them out of order if you wish...but it's just best not to.

I had an amazing time dancing my myself to a amazingly magnificent band but I dissapointed myself in my inability to score any band crap after the show.

until next time folks