Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's 'cause I'm Asian!

Heya! Long time no blogging haha. I can't believe the semester holidays are nearly over! Basically all I have been doing is working at [insert place of employment] and going out with buddies and workmates. As it should be yeah? sadly no road trip or camping adventure due to the crappy weather and swine flu in the air. Woe is me indeed.

I think I am in need of a new hair style. In light of this thought I decided to abuse google image and check out a million hairstyles that might suit my fancy. I type in "hair styles" into the search engine ... thousands and thousands of lovely girls with pretty hair graced the face of my computer screen. But hey, how do I even know that these styles will suit me? So I typed in "Asian hair styles"...yes, I thought to myself: I should make this my home page.

I shall post some lovely pictures of Asian girls with pretty hair cuts ..

gah! I want her hair but how does she get it wavy? Asians don't have wavy hair!

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