Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh, Hi!

I added this photo to my dailybooth about an hour ago. Oh yeah, I'd admit my sense of humor is quite bad and badly illustrated (but so is your mum) and I will not apologise for it. I met the sales target today at work :)

In other news, there really is nothing going on with me. This semester break I'll be working when I can so I can satisfy my need to buy cds, concert tickets, brain slushy things at The Newport and the occasional expensive piece of clothing. At the mo' electronic/techo stuff floats my boat; like Van She Tech, Grafton Primary, Little Boots, La Roux and Art vs Science. It's the only sort of music that me and my buddy Vivienne agree on.

That's a very attractive photo for your viewing pleasure. Taken at The Rise on friday night. We have been bbfls since we were four....nawww..I'll try and find a good photo of us together in my backyard lol.

Lookbook.nu has me hooked, there's something about clothing on non-celebrities that is so inspiring. Nobody ever smiles in their photos but I guess the cool people don't show their teeth *shrug* I'm really into blazers and navy blue for this winter season. Totally opaque stockings are great in deep purple, grey and navy blue. Gold or brass buttons on coats really make a good feature, the same with gold and brass coloured jewelry. Small bags are funny, I have 2 which I switch from all the time, I never fit all the things I need in them but they just look so good with the right outfits (anything not frumpy). Oversize shirts/billowy tops and dresses with opaque stockings and boots are seriously for ftw. I wear it to work in all black...very comfortable.

haha, I sound like I know something about fashion. I need a smack in the face.

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