Saturday, May 16, 2009

NO Daylight Savings in Western Australia...what?

Time is a man made concept and we will manipulate it if we like!

Well done Western Australia. Once again we have managed to steer away from progress by voting "No" for daylight savings.

Thank goodness! I hate having to remember to turn my clock back and forth an hour, oh and those dark mornings are dreadful. Would somebody please, put the children in bed at 9pm even though it is still light outside. One hour is just such an inconvenience even the cows can tell you that...

I find people always complain about not having more time. Wouldn't daylight savings be part of the solution? Summertime is popularised by culture to be this season of boundless memories of fun with friends and family. The extra hour gives us more time after work does it not?

Businesses in retail, finance and hospitality in Western Australia really shouldn't have to be 3 hours behind the other states. This is bad for the state economy especially since we rely heavily on the Eastern States for alot of business.

"Yes" brings opportunity. But as we have demonstrated today, WA rejects opportunity.


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