Saturday, May 30, 2009

Creepy Internet people

The first thought is that I'm going to talk about creepy old men preying on young girls right?

No, I am not going to talk about Miley Cyrus and her partnerhwhateveerhisnameis...

(Taken by force, without permission from some website)

... although he does look like a criminal in this photo don't you think?

Everyday people can be creepy internet people. Take for example that girl that sat across the room in Economics class. It could have been years since you last saw her, but she could have only seen you a few hours ago from when you posted new photos on Facebook. She could know what you were going last week from your status updates. She could be mentally working out if you have any close mutual friends at this very moment. This feels a tad impersonal, lets call her Jane.

Ok, so Jane goes out with the girlfriends and watches a romantic/drama/comedy thing and she kinds herself transfixed upon the lead male. When she gets home she rushes to her computer and Googles him. 1,334,748 pages come up in 0.02 seconds, where do you look first? Most celebrities these days have some form of networking sites which they personally post on; Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter... people are becoming more easily accessible whether you are a celebrity or not.

Post it, view it, comment it, like it, favourite it, share it, rate it, subscribe, follow, @reply, tag me, poke me, add me...

Networking sites encourage creepy internet people? Yes indeedy. We are in an Information Age, there is a vast amount of information being churned out by everyday users, most of this useless, self indulgent material that really has no weight of value...but we crave it don't we? To be an expert at something, anything. You could easily be a expert in Steffology if you go to the links ----->>

I'll come clean, I admit to being a creepy internet person.

But I always stay within the law ;-)


I can't believe Miley is back with Nick Jonas. Way to ruin my life slut!

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