Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bob Evans @ The Fly By Night

Six people make up the entire front row. Avid fans obviously, staking out a position close enough to extend an arm and touch the legs of unsuspecting musicians.

The rest of the audience takes a more relaxed approach, siting on the sticky wooden floor while sipping at a drink or chatting at the bar with friends. After all, it's only 8:30pm as special guest Steve Poltz takes the stage. Who is this guy? He looked like he should have been playing a banjo in the Massachusetts barn filled with line dancers. Soon enough, I was hypnotized by his deep voice and American accent. He told a brilliant, outrageous, hilarious story about himself and Jewel; a story that one would comment "only in America..." Steve Poltz just gives off such incredible magnetising energy, the crowd were hanging off every word he said.

I must confess at this point that I never watched Nottinghill, so when he played his famous ballad I didn't recognise it at all... and I don't think I can say I'm a fan of the song, man, sorry. The highlight of Poltz's set would have to be the childrens story he wrote based around a creepy man with green teeth and a sewing machine. It was very Rohl Dahl'esque, a sign that the man is most definitely mad (only artists can get away with being mad).

At last the long awaited Bob Evans enters, carrying a guitar with a Shins sticker and christmas lights outlining the body, held down with duct tape. I have all his albums but this is the first time I have see him play live. It was great, he seemed so magnificently humble as he played.

The tour is called "Goodnight, Bullcreek! Hello Australia" but I was just hoping that he would play a couple of songs from the Suburban Songbook record. To my delight, he played 9/12 songs including my personal favourite, Darlin' Won't You Come?.

The songs from the Goodnight, Bullcreek! sound a thousand times better live than they do on a CD. Thanks to the live band, the sound is harder and more defined, Pasha Bulker, Your Love, We're A Mess, Nuthin's Gonna Tear Me Away From You, It's A Beginning got the crowd bopping up and down, even some older women pushed in front of me to surrender their bodies to the music. It was funny at the time but truly, a beautiful sight.

Evans pulls up a girl from the crowd, sits her on a stool as someone hands her a glass of wine and a bunch of yellow flowers. Power Of Speech, a seductive jazz number on the record is altered to *insert name here* (I have forgotten her name, sorry). I was very jealous, haha.

I enjoyed myself, I'll definitely pay money to see Bob Evans again


Until next time, yo

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