Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I"m terrible with recognising voices...it also doesn't help when all that comes up on my mobile screen is a random 8-10 digit number. I should really stop being lazy and either memorise everyone's home number or at least input it in my phone right?

So the other day this happens to me:

My phone rings with my End of Fashion version of Hanging on the Telephone. Oh shit. It's a home number.
"Hi Steff, how are yyyoooouuuu? I haven't seen you in aaaaages"
"Yeah, I know. We should catch up sometime [pause] Sorry, who is this?"

It was one of my friends since year one. I'm such a bad friend. I'm always in mid-conversation when I ask who I'm talking to. It's like I pretend to know who it is so I don't look like a complete douchebag of a friend...as the conversation progresses, so does my douchebaggery. Admitting that you can't recognise a good friend's voice is like forgetting their birthday. It comes once a year, every year at the same time; you have a 1/365 chance in getting it right!

In other news, I'm going through all of communitychannel's old videos. It's a slow process but I'm getting there. It's eating all my bandwidth but it's so worth it 'cause Natalie Tran is def. my Australian Asian Idol.

I'm still dailyboothing 37 pictures later

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hm... 10x for text.