Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wiping Out Vanity - Thanks Transperth!

I don't mind public transport, I use it all the time. Occasionally Transperth will (epic) fail me with late running services and violent bus drivers but I get over it within the next minute or so.

I got off at my usual stop, Bullcreek train station, and saw that my bus would not come for the next 10 minutes. So I went to the bathroom to use the facilities (I really, really had to pee!) and as I was washing my hands, I looked up to see my reflection but all I could see were the clean white tiles in front of my face.

Where is the mirror?! Did someone decide that public transport patrons do not have the need to improve self image? I don't know about you but I like to at least glance at myself before leaving the bathroom, you know, spare the next poor soul who has to look at me with my hair out of place and my chapped lips.

The bathroom signs can be read by blind people, I agree, blind people do not need mirrors. Bathrooms need mirrors. Every public toilet I have entered, I have always seen a mirror.

Transperth need to step up their game.
In terms of providing clean and sufficient hygiene facilities and regular maintenance, going to take a piss isn't such a dreaded experience. A mirror would definitely complete the washroom experience.

I rate Bullcreek Trainstation Toilets 8/10 SteffSTARS * * * * * * * *

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