Monday, June 9, 2008

Here come the Brides

The Perth Bridal Expo last weekend is going to be an experience I will remember forever. It was great! It was shiney, glamorous and there was alot of cake to sample! I even managed to pick up the measuring tape people use to measure parts of their bodies. Now I can go an compare myself to people in magazines and starve myself till I become "normal". Ha.

At this point I think I should explain myself, I didn't go to the show to look at dresses and fantasize about my own wedding; I was there to work, and damn, my job was hard. I got to dress (and undress) models in wedding gowns. T'was some good fun.

The model that I was dressing was really cool. She reminds me of a younger version of Miranda Kerr, they have similar features and have that whole 'pretty-girl-next-door' look going for them.
"Do you mind me asking how old you are?"
"I turn 18 next month" She said with a million dollar smile on her face.
"Sweet! (I should really stop saying that word) I dont turn 18 till November"
"How long have you been working at ____ for? She convincingly sounded interested.
"Oh, about a week" I laughed, and she had that look of complete suprise on her face. Most of the women helping out at these functions have been in the Bridal Industry for at least 7 years You gotta start somewhere!
"How long have you been modelling for?"
"Since I was 5!"
"Ha! I think you beat me" I finished lacing her up, puffed out the dress and she thanked me as she ran off to the cat walk. What a nice girl.

There were male models but I don't think I could have kept a straight, professional face if I had to dress them. Besides, one of the guys was so tall, his crotch came up to my neck...I'm 5'5!! They even strut when they are not "working" *shakes head*

We were given badges. When you have the badge on is means "Piss off! I'm working so don't hand me any flyers. I'm going to hang with the models now" On my break I decided to take it off and pretend I was the lucky girl so that I could get freebies and see the sales people in action.

A woman from a photography booth stopped me in my tracks as I was scouting for chocolate.
"Hel-lo! Arr you the lucky guurl?" She said in an accent I couldn't quite put my finger on.
"Oh no, I'm taking a look around for my friend, she's getting married in August" I could have said yes, but I can't fake being a glowing bride to be. I'm just no fun anymore.
"Well den, here iz a sample of the memories we poot together for our clients..."
I ended up talking to her for about 10 minutues, the photography was not anything special and neither were the layouts of the albums but I just had to keep her talking till I found out where that accent came from. I like pretending.

After the show when we were packing up I saw her again and this time, I was wearing the badge. She looked at me hard and after a while she laughed. I felt sort of embarassed. Dang it Steff, caught out again.

I think she's from Croatia!

So, overall...Hanging backstange with models wasnt really my thing. After endless hours of seeing so many women with hot bodies I was itching to go and see some people with imperfections...and make myself feel better.

Can't wait till March 2009 at the convention centre!